The changing face of bicycle parking

  August 7th, 2011 | Bicycle parking news
The changing face of bicycle parking

Leda was selected by Jones Lang LaSalle to install a bike caged area for Aecom who was a new tenant to the inner city location of 420 George Street Sydney. As part of the lease agreement bicycle parking was part of the contract and had to cater for 85 bikes.

Aecom are a unique tenant in having a thorough understanding of bicycle parking user requirements by having a large proportion of cycling staff and being responsible for the specification of bicycle parking in numerous projects around the country. As a result of the input of Aecom, two significant changes were added to Leda’s standard range of bicycle racks. An improvement of full protection for security cables was added due to concerns the steel cable may mark users cycles. Of major significance was the trend of increasing the standard widths between bicycles. This is also a development that was raised with Leda by the City of Sydney in 2011. This is no doubt a sign of things to come from cyclists looking for easy to use facilities.

Australian Standard AS 2890.3 – 1993 calls for the separation of bicycles at 600mm but the standard is nearly 20 years old and takes no account of the modern requirement to stagger cycles handlebar heights to save on space which leads to a smaller separation of 300mm. The compromise being that handlebars then have a clear 600mm separation even though bikes are at 300mm spacings. Feedback from Aecom and City of Sydney is that the preference in staggered racks is increased to 400mm to maintain a handle bar separation of 800mm. The advantage of the extra space is that newer bicycle designs with wider handle bars are better accommodated and the additional room allows cyclists to access the bike and cables when it is parked with much more freedom. A further benefit of this access is that aisles with bike parking areas are less likely to be obstructed.

In response to this new feedback Leda is now able to offer a number of our most popular bike racks with this increased width of 400mm spacings. Leda is one of Australia’s largest suppliers of bicycle parking with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

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