Ram raids continue

  July 10th, 2012 | Bollard news
Ram raids continue

Leda’s Securaposts bollards have been installed for the last 17 years around Australia and New Zealand to help prevent Ram Raiding.

To this day, the attacks continue unabated and the company is pleased to say, the Securapost bollard still works. Over the last 20 years, vehicles used in ram raid attacks have become heavier and theives more determined which has meant bollards have had to become larger and more secure. It is a constant development process.

This picture is from Queensland was taken this week after another attack of which there has been a few of late in this region. The XP90R bollard is 80NB but has an extra thick wall to make it stronger than many standard bollards of the same size. As with all attacks, the bollard has deformed at the ground level and the vehicle has progressively ridden up the bollard until it wedged itself into position, at which point the attack in this instance was over.

The XP90R Securapost extra heavy duty security bollard is manufactured by Leda along with hundreds of other bollards. The full range is contained on Leda’s website or full 100+ page bollard handbook.

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