Securabike goes global

  July 3rd, 2012 | Bicycle parking news
Securabike goes global

Park your bike on a rack in Australia and chances are it is from the Securabike range. Securabike products are made by Leda Security Products Pty Ltd of Australia who have been installed tens of thousands of racks, rails, cages and lockers for over 15 years.

With the opening of Leda’s office in Ningbo, China for local and export sales, the Securabike range is now available globally with more competitive product and freight rates.   Securabike stands to gain from the projected rise in bicycle sales of 6% year on year (Global Industry Analysts, Inc) and the associated demand for bicycle infrastructure.

“Our bicycle parking division has maintained the strongest growth of all our divisions and even grew during the GFC,” reports Leda’s CEO and keen cyclist Richard Matthews. Mr Matthews added that bicycle parking was the main focus of the companies China operations.

In April 2012, Leda report they will release a new 100 page bicycle parking handbook with new and expanded sections for domestic racks, signage, stencils, shelters, shared cages with bag lockers and showers, shelters and more. Additionally, new web sites will allow for online sales as the company searches for distributors and cycling enthusiasts to expand end of journey facilities.

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