Bastille fencing

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The Bastille fencing series is a unique free-standing fencing system featuring spears embedded into a concrete base. Its popularity as a feature fence with key anti-climb & anti-corrosive advantages make it a more aesthetically attractive barrier when used along perimeters requiring a high degree of conformity to modern urban design standards.

The Bastille Series is 100% Australian owned & manufactured. It is used in a range of sites ranging from consulates & embassies, prestige residences & commercial areas. The vertical spears making up the Bastille Series is typically constructed from 32NB stainless steel or mild steel galvanised rods reinforced with inner steel sleeves secured into a concrete base. The absence of horizontal support bars do not provide opportunity for potential foothold apart from being a distraction to its simple & elegant design.

The spears are positioned in a manner which will allow relatively clear & unobstructed views from either side of the barrier by way of patrolling security staff or surveillance systems. Each spear is also resistant to tool & leverage attacks by virtue of is thick profile.

The Bastille fencing series may be fully integrated with posts, anti-tamper fixings, security toppings & electric fencing. It is also completely compatible with other Leda Perimeter Security Products like gates, turnstiles & bollards.

Architectural fence design No horizontal bracing above ground.

Technical specifications Bastille fencing


  • 32NB stainless steel or mild steel bars


  • Anti-climb profile
  • Aesthetically attractive
  • Ease of visual surveillance
  • Can be integrated with electric fencing
  • Embedded into reinforced concrete
  • Corrosive resistant


  • Spear spacing

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