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There is a growing need to build or ‘retro-fit’ secure bicycle parking areas and change rooms, showers and the like to existing buildings. To avoid expensive building works, Leda has designed ‘bike module’ that can be used both indoor and outdoor applications. The module is designed to fit into a single car space, and can be further expanded to occupy 2 or 3 car spaces. Modules are supplied in a kit form and can be quickly assembled once on site. A single car space can accommodate secure bicycle parking, change area, showers and clothes lockers for up to 10 cyclists. In outdoor installations modules can be fitted with green solar powered hot water systems and lighting.

In underground installations, modules can be easily connected to main power and water / drainage services can be expanded to 2 or 3 car spaces providing secure cages catering for larger number of cyclists. The Securabike modular design allows for the complete package to be delivered to the site in kit form and easily assembled thus avoiding the need for major building work.

Technical specifications Bike Parking Module 2 Car Space – UBC02

UBC02- Surface Mount

Material Size Weight Capacity Compliant Finish
40NB (50.0) x 1.5mm light Duty Galvanised Pipe 5400 x 4700 x 2260mm 20-26 AS2890.3 Galvanised


• University and college campuses
• Commercial workplaces
• Industrial complexes


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