Biparting cantilever gates

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  • Great for large span driveways
  • Operate independently or synchronized
  • Bi-parting gates can be cantilever or track
  • You can have a central Island with receiving post or the gates can meet each other in the middle.

Technical specifications Biparting cantilever gates

Cantilever gates and access control mechanisms shall be as designed and manufactured by Leda-Vannaclip Pty Ltd or approved alternative. Any approved alternative shall satisfy the criteria stipulated in this specification.


  • Driveway width is clear span __ mtrs (enter your driveway width. Width will vary from 4 to 18mtrs).
  • Each Canitlever gate is to be clear span __ (enter gate widths which 1/2 driveway width)


  • HD Galvanised steel RHS sections to AS1163-C350LO/C450LO manufactured in accordance to Leda-Vannaclip’s working drawings.


  • Hot Dipped Galvanized or
  • Wet Pack spray 2 pack with initial sand blast.


Refer to Leda’s section for drawing “Automatic Cantilever Gate” showing general gate appearance, elevation, and plan views.

Gate Motor options

Mid tier gate motor
A mid tier gate motor is still an Industrial quality motor. It is suited for gates operated less frequently such as those gates that are opened during trading hours and closed in the evening.

Top tier gate motor
Gate will be required to operate a minimum of 100 operations per day. Opening speed shall be 500mm+ per second. Closing speed to be 200-400mm second. Motor shall be 240V and housed in a cabinet with isolation switch to meet Australian Electrical Standards. Cabinet size to be at least 700mm high to enable space for access control equipment to be house in gate cabinet.
100% duty cycle.

  • .75kW 3 phase drive motor (only 240v required at control box)
  • Cast iron gear box
  • Variable speed up to 630mm per second opening normally 300mm/sec on closing
  • Internal limit switches with easy set cams
  • Adjustable linear force up to 100kg
  • 48Nm output torque limiter for extra safety


240V mains power is required to the gate control cabinet.


  • Gate to be fitted with PE Beam
  • Option of road loops, flashing lights, siren, bump strips, curtain beams.


Concrete and reo foundation design must be certified by a qualified structural engineer to meet relevant portions of the Building Code of Australia and relevant Standards Australia codes for structural adequacy in particular AS 1170, AS 2870, and AS 3600.

Shop Drawings

Provide fully detailed and dimensioned shop drawings for all gates from a computer generated design package. Drawings to submitted for client approval prior to fabrication.


Provide manufactures and installers warranties for all gates and mechanisms. Warranty period shall be 1 year.

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