Double height with ramp

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Leda’s double height bicycle racks provides the maximum utilisation of allocated horizontal storage and parking, and is easy to use. Simply pull out the sliding base rail until it reaches its pivot point, and fold down to allow easy positioning of your bicycle.

CBR2GSA top tier 1336mm high
CBR2GSB top tier 1536mm high
So you can stagger heights, be sure to nominate the quantity of each required.

Supplied in knock-down kit form for easy assembly on site.

Each CBR2GS rack can park a single bicycle on the upper and lower levels for a total of 2 bicycles.

Available in Galvanised / Powder Coated



• Allow the maximum number of riders of bicycles in the smallest space
• Efficient bicycle storage
• Easily installed
• Long lasting and durable
• Economical
• Best Suited for medium term parking
• Assemble on site


• Residential apartments
• Recreation centres
• Secondary schools. TAFE colleges and universities
• Workplaces
• Retail shopping


Technical specifications Double height with ramp


CBR2GSA top tier 1336mm high
CBR2GSB top tier 1536mm high



  • Frame 125 x 75 x 3mm RHS / Hot dipped galvanised

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