Double sided access bike shelter

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When providing bicycle parking at outside locations, consideration should be given to also providing protection against the elements, particularly in locations where the bicycles are parked long-term.

Leda’s aesthetically attractive range provides the flexibility of several price options and can accommodate a number of various Leda bicycle rack
models. Guttering and downpipes are non-standard but can be added as an option.


• Protects bicycle from the elements
• Protects cyclist during arrival and departure
• Best suited for long-term parking
• Clearly defines the bicycle parking area
• Aesthetically attractive


• University and TAFE colleges
• Schools
• Bus interchanges
• Workplaces
• Shopping Centres

Technical specifications Double sided access bike shelter


  • Frame Aluminium alloy
  • Roof Frosted polycarbonate. UV resistant. High impact resistant. Up to 20cm snow. Temperature rating -30ºC to +60ºC

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