Industrial round fixed bollards

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Leda’s range of industrial bollards are a cost effective range to meet commercial and security requirements.


Many of the larger and heavier bollards are used for security functions. Bollards can be supplied to meet just about any vehicle threat. More information is available in the security section of this website.

Industrial bollards are for commercial and industrial premises. Some of the larger sizes can be used for anti-terrorist purposes also. All are supplied galvanized and supplied in a variety of power-coated or vinyl coated finishes.


The fixed bollards need to be concreted into the ground. See installation recommendations for further details.

Concrete filling does add strength to the bollards. Surprisingly, it is not that much. Leda’s Finite Element Analysis revealed that the plastic moment of the bollard (point where the bollard starts to fail and bend) is not greatly affected. Our impact guides do not assume that bollards are concrete filled. The psi of the concrete also greatly effects the strength rating which again increases the number of variables to determine.

Technical specifications Industrial round fixed bollards


  • 80NB (88.9) x 4.9mm HD steel pipe
  • 100NB (114.3) x 5.4mm HD steel Pipe
  • 125NB (139.7) x 5.4mm HD steel pipe
  • 150NB (165.1) x 5.4mm HD steel pipe
  • 200NB (219.1) x 4.8mm HD steel pipe
  • 300NB (323.9) x 6.35mm HD steel pipe


  • Galvanised or electrostatically powder coated in black or industrial yellow
  • Optional range of colours available on request


  • Available in fixed, locking & removable & baseplate options for continuity of design to be maintained throughout the project


A range of optional accessories including; storage sleeves, wall hanging racks, reflective tape, cover plates, roller door cables, locks, wings, chain eyes, O rings, sleeves

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