LEDA SSP PAS Rated Bollards

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LEDA is recognised as Australia’s market leader in HVM and perimeter security products, with a comprehensive range catering for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation and high security applications. Leda SSP PAS rated bollards are crash tested 150NB fixed hostile vehicle mitigation bollard.

LEDA HVM bollards act as a security barrier to forced access by unauthorised, illegal or hostile vehicles.

Crash Ratings:

SSP150FP68A 2500kg @ 48km/h

SSP150FP68B 3500kg @ 48km/h

SSP150FP68C 7500kg @ 32km/h

  • Impact tested for high security sites
  • Anti cut properties enhance security
  • Tested to the UK PAS68 standard
  • Small profile for such a high security bollard.
  • Developed in Australia.

LEDA has a range of crash rated bollards and barriers. For more information on ratings and design please contact your nearest LEDA sales office.

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