Manual assisted lift retractable bollards

The Manual assisted lift retractable bollards has an internal gas strut to assist in lifting the bollard.  Required for OHS on Security bollards due to weight. Stainless steel finish is superior as lasts longer than paint and easier to maintain.

  • Manual retractable bollard, gas strut
  • 150GS – Gas strut enables bollard to rise under its own stored power
  • Patented locking system (Bollard locks in raised position)
  • Retracts flush with pavement
  • Chequer plate (non slip) lid and surround

Technical specifications Manual assisted lift retractable bollards


  • ERW steel linepipe, steel lid / surround
  • Grade 304 stainless steel pipe, cast stainless steel lid / surround


  • Galvanised or electrostatically powder coated
  • Linished or electro polished

Securapost Handbook 2017 Product Page

Securapost 2017 Retractable Range

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