OMGATE Automation


Leda is a certified installer of OMGATE access control. This is a simple low cost way to control automated gates and boom gates using your smart phone. This allows regular users to come and go from sites without the need for an additional key fob. Managers can also allow remote access for those unexpected arrivals after hours so it is a handy low cost tool.

Leda is at the leading edge of technology, and with the success of operating gate automation with a mobile phone via the GSM network, Leda can now offer an even simpler method by providing automation with bluetooth technology.

Pair your phone to your automated device for convenience. You can enroll safely and securely unlimited users to access your property if required. Connects to any automated device, whether it is a boom gate, security sliding or swing gate, retractable bollard or anything similar. Call us today if you would like more information.

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