PAS68 High Security Bollards

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SP1200  is a PAS68 high security bollard and world’s strongest automatic hostile vehicle mitigation bollard stopping a 30 tonne truck travelling at 80Km/hr.

Ideal for sites with high trafffic flow.

SP1200 remain intact after impact and would not allow a second vehicle to pass.

Crash Ratings:

  • SP1200 (Auto): PAS68: V/30,000(N3)80:3.30/25
  • Effective perimeter protection
  • Galvanised finish, can be painted to suit requirement


  • Government & public buildings
  • Hotels & high profile buildings
  • Military installations
  • Government utilities and key infrastructure
  • Embassies and consulates
  • Shopping centres and stadiums

Available as deep static variant which is an engineered solution but still holds the same rating. For more information and footing details please do not hesitate to contact Leda sales office.

Technical specifications PAS68 High Security Bollards

Technical details available on request. Ask for our high security specialists.

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