Rectangular planter box

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LEDA’s planter boxes can be mounted directly onto the pavement or fitted with locking pins to key them into the pavement.

Rectangular planter box is available in:

Off white etched finish – PPB515F1

Charcoal etched finish – PPB515F2

Grey of the form finish – PPB515F3

Precast concrete boxes can provide an extremely visible deterrent while also enhancing the landscape.

Note: Please contact your nearest Leda sales office to discuss the changes in product dimensions & specs and its associated cost implications in order to achieve the required ‘engineered impact ratings’. 

Technical specifications Rectangular planter box


  • Precast concrete / Optional 80NB (88.9) x 5.9/10.4mm locking pins


  • Off white etched finish/ Grey  off the form/ Charcoal etched finish

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