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The Securapark automatic car space protector comes in 24VDC. For apartment blocks and office buildings where there is a shortage of parking and protecting your space can become a necessity.

Securapark auto 24VDC unit include PVC man and 1 remote control.

Technical specifications Securapark automatic


The standard Automatic Securapark® is operated via a remote control so that you will never have to leave your vehicle.


Thousands of Securaparks have now been installed, & are designed to be run over with little risk of damage. The electronics are encased in tough mild steel.

Power Options

  • Hard Wired (RECOMMENDED)
  • A 24V hard-wired model (SPAB5) is also available and is particularly suited for new buildings or parking areas where it it easy to run power. A transformer to operate 4 Securapark® units is available.

Remote control options

A standard Automatic Securapark® comes with one remote control unit which has a 20-30 metre range. Multiple remote controls are available & up to 4 Securaparks can be linked to the one remote control, which caters for situations where many people will be using a common parking area at different times.

Car Park Integration

Larger parking areas & public car parks utilise Securapark® by incorporating it into existing access control systems. Securapark® provides the flexibility to solve a number of problems in & around traditional parking areas such as:

  • Hastening car park entry & exit
  • Separating permanent parkers from queuing
  • Preventing casual parkers from using reserved areas.
  • There are a number of options for installation & ongoing service throughout the region so please contact our offices to discuss your requirements. Leda-Vannaclip will assist in designing a system to suit your site or project.

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