Tyre spikes 3mtrs

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Rising tyre pikes are designed to prevent vehicles from entering restricted area’s where security requirements are high.

Manufactured for high duty cycles, fast, reliable and efficient operation, the Leda Rising Spikes are capable of withstanding high loads whilst still being able to disable both small and large type vehicles with rubber tyres.

Applications for the Leda Rising Spikes include airports, car rental yards, prisons, Dock yards, Military Installations, any application where the prevention of vehicles from entering or exiting premises is paramount.

Technical specifications Tyre spikes 3mtrs


The Rising tyre spikes housing is manufactured from heavy gauge mild steel, fully welded then hot-dipped galvanised to ensure maximum protection against corrosion. The Rising Spike is hinged along the width of the barrier with a full length steel hinge. The top cover of the spike is made from galvanised checker plate.

Pneumatic Drive System

The Rising Rising tyre spikes barrier is operated by pneumatic cylinders which raise the spikes in approx 1 second. The air-compressor for the rising spike is selected according to the capacity required for the amount of spikes being used. Limit switches provide position feedback for the fully raised or lowered positions. The Rising Rising tyre spikes will automatically lower should the air pressure reduce due to power failure.

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