Vertical bicycle locker

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Leda’s vertical bicycle locker features the smallest footprint of all bicycle lockers and is best suited for sites requiring the highest degree of storage density. The bicycle is suspended on an internal wheel hook with two additional hooks that can be used for helmets or clothing.

A sturdy internal frame with galvanised sheeting is further strengthened through the use of steel corner brackets.  This locker features a cast metal handle operating a 3-point locking system (keyed to differ) as standard. A selected range of alternative locking options available upon request.


  • Provides the highest level of security (Class 1) for bicycle parking (see AS2890 or APBP guidelines)
  • Individual locker door with master keying system
  • Modular system tailored to suit application
  • Protects bicycle from weather
  • Bicycle is hidden from view
  • Surveillance not normally required
  • Best suited for long term parking
  • Assemble on site


  • Railway stations
  • Bus interchanges
  • Park and ride terminals
  • Workplaces
  • University and TAFE campuses

Technical specifications Vertical bicycle locker


  • 770 x 1274  x 1944high


  • 0.8mm metal sheet Galvanised or powder coated in a range of colours


  • Reinforced door & roof stiffeners, wheel rail Clothes / helmet hooks, 3-way locking


  • 80kg (176lbs)


  • Ensure that bicycle lockers, when in use, do not impede required paths of egress and accessible travel. Allow adequate clearance for bicycle storage and removal.
  • Comply with manufacturer’s installation requirements and setting drawings. Install according to manufacturer’s written instructions by concrete insert method.
  • Damaged, cracked, chipped, deformed or marred bicycle lockers are not acceptable. Field touch-up minor imperfections in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.


  • Immediately prior to Substantial Completion, clean bicycle lockers in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions to remove dust, dirt, adhesives, and other foreign materials.

Protect lockers

  • Protect bicycle lockers against damage.

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