Vehicular access control installations

  July 24th, 2015 | Vehicle access control news
Vehicular access control

Vehicular access controlUniversity of Western Sydney

Adco Constructions NSW recently engaged Leda to manufacture and install vehicular access control and pedestrian gates and over 200 metres of our “Redfern” design fencing at the University of Western Sydney’s Werrington Park corporate centre.

Installation of the 6.0 mt long track gate provided Leda’s installers with a challenge due to only 80mm of head room between the top of the gate and the under surface of a concrete floor slab. Leda’s attractive Redfern design was chosen by the architect for both the gates and fencing.

Vehicular access controlLatrobe University installs vehicular access control

One of our key capabilities is Leda’s ability to design, manufacture and install vehicular access control systems. At the Bundoors campus of Latrobe University Leda’s Victorian team recently completed a project to restrict student access to parts of the campus. This involved installing two large cantilever gates (with hi-speed drive motors) and a large quantity of our Premier security fencing.

Our experienced team of design engineers and project managers are available to assist on any “vehicular or pedestrian” access control projects such as this.

Vehicular access controlTasmanian Airport Gate

Our Victorian branch was recently contracted to install another large sliding security gate at one of Tasmania’s Airports currently undergoing major renovations. The gate had to be designed with a very slight rake due to ground unevenness. Besides the wet and cold weather the induction loops and gate infrastructure went in easily and on time to add the finishing touches of the airport extension.

Vehicular access controlManual Boom Gate

Knox City Council approached Leda to provide  vehicular access control systems for their car park to replace plastic removable bollards that were being used to block off a section of the car park for a the local bowling club.

They needed to replace the bollards with a more ‘user friendly’ system. The answer was a Leda manual swing boom gate which was installed in a position to limit vehicular access but still allowing access for pedestrians and cyclists.


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