Surface guard

The Surface Guard

  May 29th, 2017 |  Bollard news

The Surface Guard ATG recently released 2 new innovative High Security Products at the Security and Counter Terror Expo in London. The Surface Guard created enormous interest from the 10,000 attendees including representatives from Gold READ MORE »

Modular Track Gate

Melbourne Modular Track Gate

  May 22nd, 2017 |  Industrial gates news

Our install team has just installed another successful modular gate system into a transport compound in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Traditionally these modular gates are designed to cover an READ MORE »

Good Samaritan

Staff News

  May 22nd, 2017 |  General

Good Samaritan We often hope that Leda employees will go that extra step when out in the field so it is always rewarding when we receive a compliment for one READ MORE »

Dual height bike racks

Dual Height Racks in Blue Sky Apartments

  May 19th, 2017 |  Bicycle parking news

The Blue Apartments recently completed by Built Pty Ltd (QLD) has been designed to cater for 800 international students studying in Brisbane. The student accommodation industry is big business with READ MORE »

Perth Stadium Bollards

Perth Stadium Bollard Contract

  May 17th, 2017 |  Bollard news

Leda’s Perth office has recently been awarded a major contract by Brierty Ltd. to manufacture and install all the various bollards required for the project. The new Perth Stadium which is nearing completion READ MORE »

Interesting Panel Door

Interesting Panel Door

  May 15th, 2017 |  Docks & doors newsGeneral

Leda’s Victorian office recently installed an interesting panel door at a university building in Ballarat for H. Troon Builders. What made this panel door interesting was that it was insulated and READ MORE »

Leda Security Products

Leda May 2017 Newsletter

  May 11th, 2017 |  General

Leda’s May issue encompasses latest and interesting news on: ATG Products, New Perth Stadium Contract, Security Bollards, Star Casino Bollards and Air Tree Root Mapping Dual Height Racks in Blue READ MORE »

Tru-Gard Barrier

Tru-Gard Certified Barrier

  May 11th, 2017 |  GeneralIndustrial gates news

Leda Security Products has recently been appointed by Tru-Built in New Zealand to distribute their certified Tru-Gard Barrier systems in Australia. Tru-Gard is a certified barrier system, ideal for traffic READ MORE »

Parklands Rails Range

New Bicycle Parking Range

  May 10th, 2017 |  Bicycle parking newsGeneral

Our new Parklands Range of Bike Rails will soon be available. The new Architectural Range has been developed to provide designers with an informed choice of aesthetically attractive options. It READ MORE »

Manual Bi-fold Gates

Manual Bi-fold Gates

  May 8th, 2017 |  GeneralIndustrial gates news

A pair of old and deteriorating bi-fold gates were causing operational issues for the East Gate Shopping Centre in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Leda were subsequently asked to remove and replace READ MORE »

Bike Shelters in Chile

Securabike Parking in Chile and Peru

  May 3rd, 2017 |  Bicycle parking newsGeneral

Bike Shelters for Panquehue Council Securabike Chile have sent through details of one of the latest Bike Shelters they have installed for Panequehue Council. Each BSS07 shelter caters for 8 READ MORE »

Aged Care Facility Gates

Aged Care Facility Gates

  May 2nd, 2017 |  GeneralIndustrial gates news

Leda’s cantilever gate and pedestrian access gate were specified for a new aged care facility in the western suburbs of Melbourne. The architect wanted to theme the facade of the READ MORE »

Regional Council Cantilever Gate

Regional Council Cantilever Gate

  May 1st, 2017 |  GeneralIndustrial gates news

Our Melbourne branch only this week completed a large eight metre Cantilever Gate system for a Victorian regional council. The gate is the entry to a number of facilities including READ MORE »

Dual Height Racks Melbourne

Dual Height Racks Melbourne

  April 24th, 2017 |  Bicycle parking newsGeneral

There is an increasing interest in Leda’s Dual Height CBR2GS racks where space is at premium. This installation at an apartment complex in the Melbourne Docklands catering for 120 cyclists READ MORE »

Bike Racks in Fortitude Valley

Bike Racks in Fortitude Valley

  April 19th, 2017 |  Bicycle parking newsGeneral

M & A apartments in Fortitude Valley Brisbane were at the stage that they had outgrown their bicycle parking facility. Leda Security was asked to extend the existing facility adding READ MORE »

Bike Cages

Bike Cages

  April 13th, 2017 |  Bicycle parking newsGeneral

When catering for a small number of cyclists the cost of installing a large end of trip facility may not be viable. The alternative are Leda’s Modular Bike Cages. At READ MORE »

High Court Canberra

High Court Canberra

  April 6th, 2017 |  Bollard newsGeneral

During the recent Christmas holidays the writer was visiting the National Gallery in Canberra and while walking across to the portrait gallery came across a security bollard installation Leda completed several READ MORE »

Suspended Slab Bollard

Suspended Slab Bollard

  April 3rd, 2017 |  Bollard newsGeneral

ATG (in England) have advised the release of their SP400 Suspended Slab Bollard following successful impact testing with a 2.5 tonne vechile @ 48kph (in a 250mm slab). The SP400 READ MORE »



  March 30th, 2017 |  Bollard newsGeneral

We were recently called out to repair two of our very popular Securapost SP90R (Locking and Removable) Bollards after this cleaners car became stuck. The driver just didn’t make it!! READ MORE »

Stainless Steel Retractable Bollards

Stainless Steel Retractable Bollards

  March 27th, 2017 |  Bollard newsGeneral

Leda Security Products recently completed a Retractable Bollard installation for Liverpool City Council at their new mall in Sydney’s South/Western suburbs. The installation consisted of 2 sets of 3 Stainless Steel Retractable READ MORE »

Impact Rated Bollards

Impact Rated Bollard

  March 23rd, 2017 |  Bollard newsGeneral

Leda’s Sydney office were recently contacted following a safety incident involving a car accidentally intruding into the children’s outdoor play area at a Turramurra Child Care Centre. The problem was quickly READ MORE »

Shallow mount bollards

Technical News

  March 22nd, 2017 |  General

Shallow Mount Bollards Installing shallow mount bollards can be a quick and economical solution. It alleviates the need for deep and expensive concrete footings or having to move other services. These READ MORE »

Bike Rack Hire

Bike Rack Hire

  March 21st, 2017 |  Bicycle parking newsGeneral

Once again the city of Sterling in WA have taken advantage of the Bike Rack Hire service Leda provides for a bicycling event they were hosting in January. Several different READ MORE »

Colossus Bollards

Colossus Bollards

  March 20th, 2017 |  Bollard newsGeneral

An appropriate name ‘don’t you think’ for our BLBOL Precast Concrete Bollards. With a 800mm diameter these attractive large bollards weigh in at close to 800kg each making them difficult to manhandle. Due READ MORE »

Taronga Zoo bollards

Taronga Zoo

  March 16th, 2017 |  General

Leda’s High Security Manager Heng Cheng recently took these pictures of Leda’s bollards being used for queuing control at Taronga Park Zoo. Cheng who was visiting with his family was probably READ MORE »

Australian Maritime Museum Bollards

Australian National Maritime Museum

  March 13th, 2017 |  Bollard newsGeneral

Our Sydney office was recently engaged by the museum to install various Leda bollards at three locations at their Darling Harbour site. The works involved providing improved security for the READ MORE »

Ballajura police station

Ballajura Police Station

  March 9th, 2017 |  Bollard newsGeneral

Many of the state police forces across the country have been looking to increase the physical security to the perimeter of their sites following heightened security alerts at existing and READ MORE »

Hospital Bike Cage

Hospital Bike Cage

  March 7th, 2017 |  Bicycle parking newsGeneral

Leda recently designed,manufactured and installed a new bike parking enclosure with automated access gate and weldmesh panels to the basement parking area for exclusive use by Hospital staff. A combination of READ MORE »

Australian Taxation Office Gate

Australian Taxation Office Gate

  March 3rd, 2017 |  GeneralIndustrial gates news

Leda designed, manufactured and installed an automated sliding gate with fixed overhead panels to secure a basement parking area for ATO staff. For safety a bump strip and photo electric beams READ MORE »

Belmont Airport Hangar Door

Belmont Airport Hangar Door

  March 1st, 2017 |  Docks & doors newsGeneral

In our last newsletter we mentioned how Leda had won a contract to supply and install 2 Hangar doors for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service. This followed nearly 12 months of READ MORE »

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