Compact bike rack

Compact bike rack

  February 8th, 2010 |  Bicycle parking news

Leda’s best selling bike rack is the CBR4SC. It is available in a painted finish and is the best value for money bike rack available. One of the racks greatest READ MORE »

Dock Levellers for loading docks in Australia

Dock Levelers and door integration for loading bays

  February 7th, 2010 |  Docks & doors news

The range of dock leveller options is growing in Australia as methods of local truck transport evolve. Australia traditionally used side loading trucks and it is now changing at a READ MORE »

Security gates for construction clients

Security gates for construction clients

  January 8th, 2010 |  Industrial gates news

Leda specialize in the provision of perimeter security hardware for the construction industry. Its range of gates, bollards and bicycle parking are used on nearly all commercial building sites. During READ MORE »

Google search finds Secuurabike

Google search finds SecuraBike

  January 7th, 2010 |  Bicycle parking news

Googles’ Sydney office recently updated their bicycle parking facilities at their Australian head quarters in Sydney. Google, like many city based employers, is experiencing the growing demand for parking facilities READ MORE »

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