Guardian Road Blocker

Guardian Road Blocker is an IWA rated perimeter security solution. It has a 100% continuous duty cycle with raise and lower speed of 6-8 seconds.

Widths of 3m or 4m are available. Road blockers extend 1010mm above the ground when raised.

Crash Ratings:

IWA 14: V/7,200[N2a]/80/90:0.4


  • 100% duty cycle
  • Emergency fast operation 2-4s
  • Foundation depth of 400mm
  • Easy installation – no complicated rebar cage is required

Road Blocker is a powerful hostile vehicle mitigation solution suitable for high profile sites like military compounds, defence base, government official buildings and embassies border protection.

For more information on footings and installation methods please contact your nearest LEDA sales office.

Technical specifications Guardian Road Blocker

For technical details contact LEDA sales office.

Guardian Road Blocker

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