PAS68 Shallow Mount Fixed Bollards

SP400 – PAS68 Shallow mount fixed bollards mounted on a shallow foundation less than 200mm deep and lock together onsite. These shallow mount technology bollards are designed to combat the problematic fitting of traditional bollards which require deep footings and which can expose a range of services, prohibiting installation.

Shallow mount hostile mitigation bollards have been frequently chosen for prestigious projects like banks, airport terminals, railway stations, government buildings, embassies and sports stadiums, which have identified the benefit of selecting this technology. For more information on LEDA projects refer News section of this website.

Sleeves available in stainless or mild steel for aesthetic finish.

Crash Ratings:

  • SP400 Shallow: PAS68: V/7500(N2)48/90:0/0
  • SP400 Removable: PAS68: V/7500(N2)48/90:0/3.5
  • SP400 Manual Retractable: PAS68: V/7500(N2)64/90:2.3/2.7
  • SP400 Auto Retractable: PAS68: V/7500(N2)64/90:2.3/2.7

Benefits of Shallow Mount:

  • Comparatively low quantities of concrete
  • Installation period substantially lower (between 1-2 hours per bollard)
  • Less on site duration – reduced preliminaries
  • Reduction in time needed for setting out
  • No framework required
  • No need for reinforcing bars in concrete sub-base
  • Reduction in service disruption and ground works

Technical specifications PAS68 Shallow Mount Fixed Bollards

System Configuration


The bollards shall be 203mm diameter. Bollard Height as measured from top of the finished floor level to the top of bollard shall not be less than 925mm


Bollards shall be designed to suit site layout. Minimum of three bollards must be linked to provide impact test rating. The design of the bollard shall allow for following minimum features for site installation:

  • The bollard footing design shall be suitable for installation on a suspended slab.
  • The design should be modular to facilitate fast and easy installation.
  • The bollards shall be fully fabricated off site and no hot works shall be required during the installation.
  • To maintain the structural integrity of the suspended slab, no anchor bolting of bollard foundation with the structural slab shall be allowed.

Depth of Foundation

The bollard system shall have a maximum structural depth of 175mm excluding the floor finishes.

 Bollard Construction

The bollards shall be constructed of heavy gauge steel fully welded prior to hot dip galvanising. Galvanizing shall comply with BS EN ISO 1461:1999 specifications with an average coating thickness of 610g/m2. Bollards shall come mounted in a two plate steel biscuit structure providing significant resistance to vehicle impact.



The bollard system shall be the type supplied and installed at major infrastructure sites globally. The manufacturer shall have at least 10 similar systems installed and in operation internationally with documented logs of all major components and design features.


The bollard system and design shall be impact tested to British PAS 68:2010 specification for vehicle security barriers or equivalent. The Manufacturer shall have a full impact tested certification from a recognised independent testing centre. Full impact test report shall be submitted with the tender.

High Energy Attack

The bollard(s) by accreditation are capable of stopping and immobilising vehicles with weight and velocity characteristics as described above. The bollard(s) are designed  to destroy the front suspension, steering linkage and engine casing.

Quality Assurance

The manufacture will be accredited to ISO 9001/2000.


Upon completion of the system build the bollard system will be fully quality checked at the manufactures facility. The client will be invited to the Factory Acceptance Test for signing off to verify manufacture quality.


The system shall carry a full 12 months parts and labour warranty. The manufacturer must be able to extend the warranty to cover a 5 year parts and labour maintenance agreement at the placement of order if required by the client.

Drawings and Installation Data

Method Statements, Risk Assessments, site specific layout drawings shall be sent to the purchaser within four weeks of placing an order. A full operating manual will be issued on handover of the system.

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