PAS68 Automatic Bollards

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SP1000 – PAS68 Automatic Bollards are installed at sites where improved security and automatic vehicular throughput is a priority. Automatic hostile vehicle mitigation bollards hold distinct advantages over boom gates and other forms of vehicular access control as they provide much higher impact ratings and are pedestrian friendly.

Crash Ratings:

  • SP1000 (Shallow): PAS68: V7,500(N2)64/90:1.2/3.1
  • SP1000 (Deep): PAS68: V/7,500(N2)80/90:5/14
  • SP1000 (Auto): PAS68: V7,500(N2)80/90:0/10
  • Available in shallow and deep foundation
  • Effective perimeter protection
  • Galvanised finish, can be painted to suit requirement


  • Government & public buildings
  • Hotels & high profile buildings
  • Military installations
  • Government utilities and key infrastructure
  • Embassies and consulates
  • Shopping centres and stadiums



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