Stainless Steel builders bollards

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Builders bollards are a no-frills, economic range and can be ordered online.

Available in:

  • Baseplate
  • Fixed insitu
  • Locking and Removable
  • Retractable


Technical specifications Stainless Steel builders bollards


  • SBB80B/F       80NB (88.9OD) x 3mm steel pipe
  • SBB100B/F     100NB (114.3OD) x 3.5mm steel pipe
  • SBB125B/F     125NB (139.7OD) x 3.5mm steel pipe
  • SBB150B/F     150NB (165.1OD) x 3.5mm steel pipe
  • SBB80P           80NB (88.9) x 3mm mild steel pipe
  • SBB150P         150NB (165.1) x 3.5mm mild steel pipe

Wall thickness is subject to change, depending upon material availability.


  • Powder coated in golden yellow

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