Westminster Bollard

Westminster Bollard – High Security PAS68 certified bollard. Heritage style bollard for prominent locations and high profile sites.

Successfully crash tested 7.5 tonne vehicle @ 64kmph

Crash Ratings:

PAS68: V/7500[N3]/64/90:0.0/5.3 (Deep Mount)
PAS68: V/7500[N2]/64/90:0.0/3.7 (Shallow Mount)

  • High impact resistance
  • Absorbs massive amount of energy without fracturing
  • Available in lift-out, shallow foundation or traditional depth fixed model
  • Supplied with blank front facia to attach crest or logo if required
  • Available in black manganese steel painted or unpainted
  • Looks elegant

Westminster shallow mount bollards have been chosen for prestigious projects like banks, railway stations, parliament houses & embassies, airport terminals and sports stadiums, that have identified the benefit of selecting shallow bollards.

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